Has Your Web Site Changed Your Business?

Has Your Web Site Changed Your Business?

Yes, you should ask yourself this question. Has my Web site changed my business? Does your Web site help your business differentiate your business from your competition?

You can’t expect to differentiate your business from you business by using cliché statements such as “We provide superior customer service”, or that, “We have the experience to get the job done right.” Such statements are ineffective because they have been used over-and-over by every one in business. People are simply tuning out such claims. How do you feel when you see a business make such claims? Does it convince you that you are dealing with a better business?

If you fail to differentiate your business, you can only compete on price. There are no winners in price wars. Without differentiating your business from the competition, your product or service can be quickly commoditized.

You have to remember that your customer doesn’t care about your company. Your customer is only concerned, and rightfully so, about how they can benefit from hiring your company or buying from you. Your Web site should not be so much about you, but about your customers. You should be able to honestly examine your Web site and consider if it’s better than your competitor’s site.

Focus on your target market. Are you speaking to your specific market? Is your message too generic? If you have a dental practice that specializes in dental implants, you should speak to the demographic that is most likely be interested in your specific specialty.

For example, who is going to stand out more?
·The local dental office, or
·The local dental office that specializes in dental implants.

Whatever is your specialty should be part of your message you include on your Web site.
Concentrate on the problems your service or products solve. When you focus on a specific concern that your customers deal with, you can position yourself as the real solution provider.
Focus On Results. Show that you can deliver on a specific result that makes a measurable difference for your customers. Always focus on differentiation when it comes to your Web site. If you are new business and need payment options for your customers check out MyPaymentSavvy.com.

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